Top 10 list for washing machine care

Top 10 list for washing machine care

Raynor appliance services , a 3rd generation Long Island high end appliance repair company proudly serving the Nassau, Suffolk & NY City areas recommends this top 10 list to care for your high-end washing machines. The majority of machines come with washing machine care instructions. We formulated this list based on years of experience and a combination of the most vital tips all high end wash machines require.

Top 10 Tips…

1. Do not overload
2. Wash lights w/ lights
3. Wash darks w/ darks
4. Wash towels w/ towels
5. Wash sheets w/ sheets
6. Do not wash heavy blankets or comforters
7. Use only HE detergent w/ your HE machine
8. Use only a 1/4 capfull of HE detergent per load
9. Use HE washing machine cleaner once a month
10. Leave washing machine door ajar when not in use to air out machine


All of these tips help contribute to maintaining excellent quality for your high end washing machines. Following these washing machine care tips helps to avoid your laundry having the washed out look and keeps your wash machine in tip top shape. Many of our readers also enjoy the article we’ve written on top loaders vs. front loaders.