High Efficency Washer Maintenance

High Efficency Washer Maintenance

There are many benefits to having a high efficiency washing machine. Some benefits include a broad range of savings on electric, water, quality of clothes and being more environmentally savvy. Using these simple tips can help maintain the consistency and quality of your high efficiency washing machine. Incorporating these simple tips, can help save you money on repair costs and keep your high efficiency washer machine up to date.

Washer Maintenance:

Raynor appliance services recommends these simple tips for your high-end, high efficiency washers such as GE, Kennmore, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag:
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1. Seperate your clothes by colors.

2. Don’t overfill your machine.

3. Most importantly! Use 1/4 of a cap of HE Detergent! Too much leads to soap residue in clothes & the washer. Due to the low amount of water used for each cycle any other detergents will not work properly.

4. Perform a maintenance cycle at least once a month. All high efficiency models include specific maintenance instructions. If your high efficiency washer doesn’t include a maintenance cycle option you can manually run your own.

5. Never leave a wash load in the washer overnight, try your best to remove laundry promptly after the cycle is complete.

6. After a cycle is complete leave the door open to let the washer air out.

You may be wondering how to clean a washing machine filter? We do our best to offer specific tips and tricks to maintain your high efficiency washer machines. If you have a Bosch washing machine watch this video on how to clean a Bosch washing machine filter.

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