Benefits of Oven Maintenance

Benefits of Oven Maintenance

From pizza to baked goods and so much more, we need our ovens for a lot of different tasks and projects. Here are some simple tips for oven care that can make sure your oven is going to give you everything you need:

Regular cleaning is important: No one wants to waste an entire Saturday afternoon on cleaning out their oven. With regular cleanings, you generally won’t have to. Cleaning the oven out 2-3 times a year will cover a lot of the gunk that builds up in there over time. If you use the stove frequently, your oven maintenance needs in this area may increase.

Under the knobs: You might be tempted to clean under the knobs of your oven. More often than not, this is something that you shouldn’t bother with. Removing the knobs of your oven to clean the general area can cause the oven to short out. You can also wind up being electrocuted. Keep in mind that you are applying water and/or other liquids to an electrical system.

Replacing the gas: If you are planning to buy a new oven in the near future, there are a few pre-maintenance suggestions to consider. We would advise replacing the gas line, in the event of purchasing a new unit. In terms of oven maintenance, this really comes down to safety. Swapping out one oven for another can cause damage to your gas line, which can then create the issue of a leak.

The best way to clean: Spray a mix of baking soda and water all around your oven. This creates a light film, which you can wipe away with some dish soap. You are almost done. Some people use water, but others opt for a solution that combines water with vinegar. This will complete the cleaning process, and it will leave your oven with a stunning shine.

Simple maintenance measures can achieve a great deal. You can also check your coil burners for anything that looks deformed, or decidedly different from the other burners. If you notice something along those lines, have it replaced at once. This is another example of oven maintenance that doesn’t demand too much of your time.